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A Prism to discover YOUR Personality.

Is there a way to measure Personality?
How do MY preferences map against other's preferences? How would MY Personality help/hinder in various situations?
How does it impact my career? Does my Personality impact my relationships, my ability to influence and work with others?

CB5 helps in finding direction and answers to these and more questions
Psychologists have been working on such questions for several decades!
The Big Five model of personality was pioneered in 1963 by psychologist Warren Norman and concluded by mid 1980's by Costa & McCrae. Psychologists around the world now agree that the BIG FIVE is the most scientific model available to measure Individual Differences in Behaviour or Personality. …more on History of Personality

CB5 is a psychometric assessment system based on THE BIG 5 or FIVE FACTOR MODEL (FFM) of personality.
CB5 provides you with a PRISM to create a greater SELF AWARENESS.

It will enable you to answer some questions like:
What are my personality traits?
How do they help or go against me in life and at work?
What could be my personal behavioral strengths in specific situations?
What could other people like and dislike about me?
What are the traits that give me energy or drain me in specific situations or tasks?

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