CB5 Certification Program on 12th and 13th January 2018
Successful completion of the second CB5 Certification Program, wonderful two days of learning, sharing and understanding Human Behavior!
Mr. Rajeev Kapoor
Senior General Manager- Operations

"Very useful program with full of content"
Ms. Radhika Naphade
Vice President, Delivery

"Very well thought and organised program. Especially love all references and insight about "India." Love the Indianness"
Ms. Shaaista Quettawala
Senior Manager - HR

"Keep up the fantastic work you are doing, it would be great to have some examples from core service sector"
Mr. VJ Rao
Executive Coach

"CB5 is an Indian normed instrument that really seems to meet global norms of reliability and Validity. Also very innovative in its utility in applications of various kinds, especially its backend mapping with competencies"
"Must compliment the team in the development of CB5. Great depth, great research, great practical application. Am sure you are very proud of your achievement."
Mr. Bhushan Tathed
Divisional Manager

"Wonderful tool to measure the personality traits with precision. Very useful while recruiting senior/crucial positions"
Dr. Meenakshi Gokhale
Psychology Professor

"The CB5 is a fully Indian Test on Big 5 model and I would highly encourage organisations to use this tool in their T&D programs instead of other 'imported' tools."