CB5 Certification Program on 8th and 9th March 2018
Successful completion of the third CB5 Certification Program, wonderful two days of learning, sharing and understanding Human Behavior!
Ms. Dhanashree Bodhani
Manager HRD

"Lot of effort and work done in establishing the instrument. Indian norms, technology are the USPs of CB5."
Mr. Benhur Bage

"Commendable effort put in for developing an Indian Context tool."
Mr. Ashok Bhatotia

"Deep insights about self and others. A wise way to go. Too comprehensive. Great Job"
Mr. Jaladhi Thakkar
General Manager

"Excellent program! Worth to go for! Big insight into personality traits."
Mr. Raghunath Bhat

"This program helps in looking at psychometric tests in holistic perspective."
Ms. Garima Yadav
Head of HR

"The facilitation of the program was superb and brought a lot of clarity. CB5 is a comprehensive tool and has multiple practical uses."