Online CB5 Certification Program
Successful completion of various online CB5 Certification Program, wonderful days of learning, sharing and understanding Human Behavior!

"The entire session is designed to cater to both a qualified psychologist and a novice in the field. And, for the first time I saw a psychometric tool, content and context customized for an Indian audience. It was an exhilarating experience. Thanks to Chatura and Jayant for the amazing program."
Narmadha Arjun - ONLINE JUNE 2020
COO, Zygote India

"The first realization is that the CANOE report is the mirror of the personality. The more one understands this, the more one accepts it. The Shakti report gave me realization of why I liked particular tasks while certain other tasks would drain me off.The tool has wonderful applications in personal as well as professional life"
Sudhanshu Panse ONLINE JUNE 2020
Researcher PHD Student

"Both Chatura and Jayant showed clarity of thought across the whole program. The discussions were a reflection of the research that has gone in and their wide experience in working with corporates. They worked well with the diverse group of people that were taking the course keeping it interesting for all. The tool by itself and the reports that are delivered are easy for a practitioner to understand and interpret."
Janakiraman Kalyanaraman - ONLINE SEPTEMBER 2020

"The program builds and provides a good understanding of the FFM; participants develop the skills and insights to work with test takers meaningfully and help them in their awareness and development journey."
Deepak Puggal - ONLINE SEPTEMBER 2020
Partner, Talentonic HR Solutions Pvt Ltd

"It’s a very useful program and makes one think about things we know with a new perspective. It also gives us a view on the various ways it can be used constructively."

Reena Jencin - ONLINE SEPTEMBER 2020
Senior HR Director, KPIT Technologies Ltd.

"CB5 Certification was an extremely interesting and valuable program. Designed on international standards with adequate rigor and practice built in, I would recommend CB5 to anyone who wants to understand self and others better and put it to practical use. The facilitators are the authors of CB5 and are highly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Thank you Chatura and Jayant for a very interesting and relevant program."
Kayomarz B Shroff - ONLINE MAY 2020
Partner, Phoenix Consulting

"The journey of AWARENESS begins with awareness of Self. Curiosity (Jignasa) is a grace which is granted to all humans and programmes like this help in the discovery of the self. A personality is not that easy to comprehend given the many layers of it but to understand the behaviour (Swabhav) is like a marker from where one could see objectively, if one choses to, the path ahead from a broad perspective and at the least, what can be improved through task oriented practice or (aachaar). The understanding grows that in the balance lies the AWARENESS for the experiences (Anubhavas) of the right sided and left sided preferences are easily accessible and useful when one is in the middle. Over a longer period this awareness leads to possible changes in behavior (svabhav) and maybe leads to realizing our potential (janma sidhi). Thank you for handing one more wonderful tool to me in my journey, This program has the right balance between the abstract and the specific. It is a good coaching tool and maybe you could develop a Coaching Shakti."
V Anup Chandran - ONLINE JUNE 2020
General Manager, Reserve bank of India