Online CB5 Certification Program
Successful completion of online CB5 Certification Program in Mar 2022, wonderful days of learning, sharing and understanding Human Behavior!

""Personality" has always been subject of interest for me. Primarily because our behaviours are often expression of our personality. What we achieve is based on not just who we are, but also how effectively we interact with the rest of the world. Our personality and behaviour matter a lot. "

"It has been quite some time since I wanted to learn and deeply understand the Five Factor Model. I am really glad that (finally) I did it by attending an amazing certification program (5 half days spread over two weeks) by Chatur Knowledge Networking "

"Both Jayant Damle and Chatura Damle are extremely knowledgeable, wonderful faculty and genuinely passionate to pass on accurate knowledge. Despite of the program currently being in online format, it was truly hands-on and rigor of the faculty pushed us enough to understand and practice the concepts very well. I must say it was one of the best that I attended in a long long time, where I learnt a lot and also had fun learning.
Thank you Jayant and Chatura for the wonderful experience & learning. Thank you Vaishnavi for all the help provided for the program to run smoothly and let me not forget - thank you Gurpreet Kalra FLPI for recommending this program to me. Learning continues… "

Amit Patil - ONLINE Mar 2022
Sr. Consultant

"This certification course will most certainly change your outlook towards people for the better. Moreover, Chatura ma’am, Jayant sir, and Vaishnavi will ensure that you are on the same page as everyone!” "
Nainika Mukherjee - ONLINE Mar 2022
Student - MA Psychology, IGNOU