CB5 Certification Program on 8th and 9th June 2018
Successful completion of the fourth CB5 Certification Program, wonderful two days of learning, sharing and understanding Human Behavior!
Mr. Rohit Shenoy
Head Organization and Talent Development

"Loved the research rigor and experience of the facilitators. The real life case stories were most useful. Thanks Jayant & Chatura for a very informative, thought provoking and engaging session!"
Ms. Uma Dabir
Independent Trainer

"What could have been a complicated process has been simplified as much as it can and more importantly should be!"
Ms. Surbhi Verma
Talent Acquisition

"It has been a very good experience, gained a lot in 2 days training program. It has given and shown me a mirror of my own personality and also learning to observe others behaviour, also learn from them. I will continue to work on this, it is really helpful and it will definitely add value in our recruitment process.
Overall very good learning, very structured, deep in detail, comfortable with language, reading material etc."
Dr. Archana Tyagi
Consultant and Life Coach

"Will like to recommend it to people for 'Self Awareness'
CB5 Report for me was an eye opener, inspite of using good amount of Assessment tools."
Mr. Siva Subbarayudu Kasturi
PM & HRM Consultant

"I think this assessment will definitely make the test taker understand what kind of traits work for them and what doesn't. Having said that, it is also a self explanatory report which we get after the test. Very affordable and very accurate. Made for India."