CB5 Certification Program on 27th and 28th July 2018
Successful completion of another CB5 Certification Program in Hyderabad, wonderful two days of learning, sharing and understanding Human Behavior!
"A very simple tool that opens many unresolved issues and effective solution provided."

Ms. Nandini Sridhar
"Those who think why I am always confused on a task- Get yourself tested on CB5"

Mr. Saran Raj

"Excellent program. Value for money. Good program. Great learning. Very Interesting."

Dr. Nina Muncherji
Associate Professor
"'Right man for the Right job' made easy with CB5."

Mr. Srinivas Rao
"Simple yet effective method of self awareness."

Dr. S. Subbaiah
General Manager
"Provides a very useful insight not only for Assessors/Consultants but also for individuals. Well thought concept and delivery."

Mr. Harsh Kumar Gautam
General Manager
"CB5 is a very robust psychometric test developed for Indian conditions by the brilliant team of Chatura and Jayant Damle. Having used the international tests, I can vouch that CB5 test is highly effective and matches the quality of other tests. Feel very proud of Chatur Knowledge Networking."

Ms. Bhakti Devi