CB5 Certification Program on 24th and 25th August 2018
Successful completion of another CB5 Certification Program in Kolkata, wonderful two days of learning, sharing and understanding Human Behavior!
Mr. Pashupati Kundu
Business & Life Coach

"Everything was just perfect. 'Must do' for
everyone. "
Ms. Sunita Kedia
Managing Director

"To decode one's behaviour, one needs to know his nature " Swabhav"....CB5 exactly does so."
Mr. Gurpreet Kalra
Faculty- Corporate Leadership Development Program

"Tool beats it's contemporaries. Facilitators are excellent. Their coaching experience enhances overall workshop takeaway."
Ms. Prerona Roy
Managing Director

"A great two days of learning, reflection and new perspectives. Would have waited to go on with the learning. I would suggest everyone to go through this program."
Ms. Parama Biswas
Human Resource

"It is a very insightful program which increases self-awareness and can be leveraged in improving performance of the organisation."
Ms. Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta
Co- Founder, Health Psychologist

"Wonderful facilitation style. Very organised program. Very nice and effective. For me this certification program will be much helpful in my professional setup."