CB5 Certification Program on 7th and 8th September 2018
Successful completion of the another CB5 Certification Program in Mumbai, wonderful two days of learning, sharing and understanding Human Behavior!
Ms. Nisha Swaminatan

"A must for everyone not only HR! "
Mr. SL Shrotri

"Most useful tool for Managers and Leaders."
Mr. Abhaya Naik
Service Head

"Very useful program for top and senior managerial people. Must for all Managers. I would recommend others to attend."
Mr. Prashant Keshav
Head- Program Quality

"Don't miss this opportunity. Sooner you do the better it is."
Ms. Amrita Bajpai
Human Resources

"The program was very interesting and informative. The CB5 Model is very insightful and useful in the Organisational scenario."
Mr. Ashutosh Dolke
General Manager– Human Resources

"A very engaging and thought provoking program."
Ms. Veena Mulchandani
Head HR

"Its a great program, one should try it once and it will give you inner pleasure, if you are able to do proper feedback and counselling."