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What's In It For Me?

Here is an attempt to answer the questions from various perspectives.

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Shakti Reports

"SHAKTI" means power and energy!
Every individual is born with a Personality or Swabhav, that serves as the source of one’s natural Shakti to excel in various contexts in life.
It is this innate Personality that drives the behavior of an individual and constitutes a major element that influences outcomes in various situations.

CB5 Personality test, helps to understand an individual’s Personality/Swabhhav, based on the Big 5 Model indicated through the CANOE+ report.

In addition, CB5 has a suite of SHAKTI Reports.
The SHAKTI Report gives the user an understanding and measure of natural energies one possesses towards performance.
The CB5-CANOE+ report is used to generate reports associated with various SHAKTI reports
Career, Leadership, Managerial Effectiveness, Sales Orientation, Operational efficiencies, Interpersonal and Team Development and various other possibilities.
It is essential to note that the Shakti Reports measure the natural energy one’s Personality/Swabhav provides for performance.
The Shakti reports do not measure the actual performance of an individual.

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CB5 Client Base

Chatur Big5 - CB5 is a measure of Personality, normed on an Indian representative population.
We are proud of the eminence of the users of CB5 and ...
We firmly believe in CONFIDENTIALITY of all our reports and data.

CB5 has a very wide Client Base spread across

  • Corporations - both Domestic and International
  • Trainers and Assessment Agencies
  • Government and Semi Government Institutions
  • Education Institutions
  • Management Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Recruiters
  • Career Guidance Counsellors
  • Certified Executive Coaches
  • and many others using CB5 in Individual capacity from CEO's to students across INDIA

In case you need references please write to us or call us for more information contact us .

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